The challenge of great images on a budget

We're in the midst of reel reviews to find the perfect Director of Photography for this thing. Lots of people submitted some impressive work, but the challenge for us is determining if these guys can create images just as nice without $40,000 worth of lighting equipment. We don't want this to feel like a gritty shaky cam indie film. In fact, we want that glossy over-produced feel that is the polar opposite. This is the first of two showshopping hurdles to pass before we can finally lock dates and shoot. The second (and more daunting) will be securing approval to shoot from our locations. That will begin as soon as we book a DP.

Fortunately, we have an extensive second tier of options if neither of the first choices work out, but right now we'll be interviewing two contenders early next week.

Dan Schmeltzer's reel/site

Nick Rossier's reel/site

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