The day the water stopped

After long neglect the water line that runs to our house was crushed by a tree root on Monday. This after it had been leaking for months. The neighbor said our landlord has been MacGyvering the thing for at least 15 years. We live on a strange private street situation where no one really knows who's responsible, but apparently the repairs are finally underway. Our street looks like someone splattered white paint all over it. Liz saw the road crew strike another water line earlier causing a geyser that shot up a good twenty feet into the air.

Bafoons, I say. Bafoons. Hopefully the water will be back on by tomorrow night. Until then, the landlord gave us a nifty hotel room.

Better now than the holiday weekend, I guess.

White crap all over our street:

Our house is the one on the left side at the bottom of the hill. The public water line starts at the top of the hill on the lower right corner of the picture. Everything in between must be replaced.

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