More hills and valleys

So after we fully believed a Director of Photography had been secured, he dropped out due to a scheduling conflict. Let me tell you...this sucked. But I am happy to say we've found someone else who seems to be just as capable so it's all worked out so far.

Today I officially secured our first location--a record store in Orange County. It would have been much easier to shoot locally but every store that sells vinyl in LA seems to have closed down. The owner is a well known Southern California DJ and I was suggested to contact him via MySpace. I gave it a shot, and I'll be damned, he gave me a call and it worked out. Wow, MySpace IS good for SOMETHING!

So we have a cast, we have a DP, and we've started securing locations. Once we get confirmation that we can shoot in the club, I'll finally feel like this thing is finally going to be shot. As it's looking now mid-late july remains the target. (How many times have I said hopeful dates now?) As of today *knock on wood*, those dates are sticking so we'll see.

We still need about a grand to shoot it the way we want, so if anyone has any cash under their sofa cushions...send it on out. We have enough budget to shoot with a few corners cut. Hopefully it won't come to that.




The new tenants in the back of our building include someone with the loudest, most annoying laugh I've ever heard. Now being friends of a Mr. Michael Ochs we are no stranger to loud laughs. The difference is Mr. Ochs laugh isn't at full blast every three minutes for many many hours....that is when it becomes annoying.

Plus they played the best of SnL so loud at 10AM this morning I could hear the entire cowbell bit from my kitchen sink on the opposite side of the apartment from the wall we share.

The old tenants were two late twenties dudes that had a stereo w/ loud bass, but that was the extent of it. I'm thinking that setup was better.

We'll see how it goes...