Dodgers dugout club

Meant to post these earlier...pix from the Dodgers-Mets game from last Sunday. Darrin invited Porter, Brendan and I to fantastic seats behind home plate in the dugout club. Since you could clearly see us every time a batter was up, we had people texting us as they watched the game from both coasts in Los Angeles and New York. When Brendan waved to a friend and an usher came over to scold him about distracting the pitcher, Darrin got a text from his friend mocking us for getting yelled at by the staff.

All the gourmet grilled food in the club room wasn't too shabby either. It was the first time I'd ever tried fried turkey. MMMMMM, yummy.

Click the link for the full set.

From Dodgers Dugou...

Should we or shouldn't we?

As we continue to await word on our key location the question we keep asking ourselves is...should we just move forward anyway? It's a difficult decision to make. On one hand we have people ready to move forward and the longer we keep pushing the shoot, the more likely it will become that we lose their help...that could cause us to start from stage one again.

On the other hand we could shoot our other locations and never secure the club. This means we could have to wait to find an alternate location and, again, count on our cast and crew remaining available until we do.

Best case scenario is we move forward and get last minute notice that we can shoot in the club. Since we already have everyone booked and ready, we just switch our locations move forward. Last minute approval might screw us if we don't have everyone already booked. Hmmmmmmm.

Marc and I are having a sit down with our DP on Tuesday. Hopefully some decisions will come from that meeting.


The club, the club, who will book the club

Where is there more red tape...

1. Reaching the decision makers at the Hollywood club, Vanguard

2. Getting permission to have a civilian wedding on an active aircraft carrier

3. Obtaining level three clearance at Langley.

I've never attempted numbers 2 and 3, but there's no way they're more involved than number 1. No possible way.

We're trying to circumlocate these people via backdoors now. Still not turned down officially.....so that's good.

Day job drain

After working at home for so very long, this whole day job thing is still something I'm getting used to. Before I could go out any night and not worry about being too tired. Ah...days of the past. After drinking a lot of wine at the Groove Armada show last night, today was a looooong day at work.

Yeah, I'll keep telling myself it's the day job and not age creeping up on me.


It will be an interesting couple days

Marc has been out of town at the New York Film Festival and we don't have our most important location secured and one of our less important locations turned us down. Well this sucks. If it's not one thing it's another. I'm not so much worried about the one that turned us down because there are other options, but I'm getting stressed out about the club not getting back to us. Ugh...I don't know if this is ever going to happen...

...I gotta think positive. Unfortunately it's hard sometimes.