Wow..we actually did it. We got through both weekends of shooting and it all actually turned out a little OK. For starters, despite our worries and fears, NOTHING went wrong at Vanguard. We got all the footage we expected to get and more. Probably one of the more classic moments was when Gregg, who's playing the role of Gabe--Royer's exboyfriend and sometimes slimy promoter--started giving fake drink tickets to people in the club as we filmed it. This was totally his idea and it played really well. I'm curious to know what happened when these poor saps tried to get a drink at the bar with one of these things.

We had a few hiccups today regarding The Standard. But in the end we still got our crew up there and got some gorgeous footage at this really spectacular location. We didn't get footage of Royer behind the turntables because the roof mgr shut us off. He was under the impression that we were only shooting the DJ, all our following of these two girls around the space probably gave it away as something else. He informed us that the location costs $30,000 per DAY to use and then we were done. Check out the cover image for DAY FOUR below and it's clear how even just the bit of the gorgeous footage we got up there will play beautifully. (And...as luck would have it, it poured rain about 15 minutes after we left so even if the manager had been cool with it, the Gods thought we had better places to be). Back in Hermosa we spent the rest of the afternoon shooting the girls rollerskating at the beach in some funky retro gear. They looked great and it'll work really nicely in a montage.

So that's it for this phase. We shoot a day or two more in late September but with four days wrapped, this thing is looking very, very promising.



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