The good and the bad of shooting in a nightclub

After finally reviewing all the footage we shot in Vanguard, I gotta say, for a couple of yahoos who didn't really know what to expect from our run and gun technique of shooting in an open popular nightclub, we got a lot of fantastic footage like this (yes, she is wearing a blindfold!):

But, you can't win em all. We also got some footage that's not quite as pretty like this:

Thankfully, 90% of what we shot in there falls into the fantastic category and we're already brainstorming some exciting ideas about how we'll redo the one scene of less desirable footage outside the club in a set-like situation where we have complete control over lighting. That scene opens the entire trailer so it will be worth any effort it takes to get it perfect.

So while I may have been a bit disappointed that everything didn't turn out exactly as intended, I've come to realize that leaving Vanguard with .900 average ain't too shabby. We couldn't set up lights. We couldn't control the venue. Plus we were crunched for time and we had no monitor to actually see footage as we shot it. All that noted, it's astounding we did as well as we did.

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