T-Minus hours

As we crunch down to the start to this saga that had a seemingly endless prologue I'm excited, nervous and a little scared. It's been an interesting day of ups and downs in much the same vein as every day this week.

By day's end, we had our makeup artist for sunday confirmed...making it the last outstanding item for the weekend.

Now it's time for bed before an intense morning of prep, followed by an intense afternoon of party. Let's just hope our party guests understand what it means to shoot a movie with dialogue (HINT: It means no music).

So here they are...the cast of DJ GIRL

Jamie Tisdale is Royer Adams

Sierra Fisk is Davina DeVine Phillips

Brendan Hines is Dylan

Mikka Dergel is Mona

Gregg Rogan is Gabe

Todd Herman is Gunther

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