T-Minus Ten Days

We decided today to shoot the pool sequence at my house on day one. It's a relief in some ways because we have complete control of the location. It's a challenge in others because we need to throw a party and make sure all our friends acting as extras are having a great time. 11AM is early to convince people in LA to show up for something, we'll see how well that works out.

As my post a few days ago indicated, we did have Vanguard secured for shooting on the 18th. Unfortunately, as things must always be difficult, the lead performer that night is a band rather than a DJ and the stage will be set up in an unusual configuration that won't work for us. The name of the movie is DJ GIRL, not BAND GIRL, so having a stage filled with keyboards and drums wouldn't be appropriate. We're hoping to shift that shoot to 8/25 so keep your fingers crossed that we'll secure clearance.

Ten days, wow.

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