What a busy week...

Wow...I intended to write some sort of long descriptive account of the shoot last weekend but it just never came to be.

Work has been crazy busy. The one week when I probably could have used for things to be slow has of course been the polar opposite. In the last five days I wrote six television spots for Jitterbug and rewrote the entire instruction manual for their phone. It's been exciting work and I'm glad to have projects like this to do...just gotta love the timing. Oh well. The ads get presented to the client next week. Here's to hoping they actually like one.

And when not working, it's been prep for the shoot this weekend. I tell you what, it's going to certainly be interesting. Saturday night we shoot in Vanguard and there are soooo many variables beyond our control that it's going to take a good amount of luck to walk out of there with everything we need. Not to mention the 1500 people who will be there just looking to have a good time. "OOOOOOO CAMERA...LET ME STICK MY FACE IN FRONT OF IT AND SCREAM!" On Sunday we'll be at another big party...this time outdoors on the roof of the Standard Hotel. You'd probably recognize the place even if you've never been there as countless shows, movies and commercials have been shot there. We happened to have a lucky set of convenient circumstances that will allow us to get some fantastic footage for free.

I'm less anxious going into this wkd even though there's a lot more that can go wrong. It's good to have a few days of shooting behind us to know everyone involved is capable of pulling it off. Plus it's nice to know that even if nothing we do at vanguard works, we'll have enough stuff shot elsewhere to make at least something work.

I'll pull some stills from the footage to post when I have a chance. It looks really good. A lot of work went into what we did last weekend and it was entirely worth it. How we pulled off making a ghettofabulous pool look like a hollywood party is still beyond me but we somehow did. And without Liz running the show at the house and doing all the little things I couldn't do all week, it would have never happened. No one else would run to 15 stores looking for rollerskates on a Friday afternoon. If this was a real feature with an actual budget, Liz would have been doing the jobs of three assistants. I'm incredibly blessed to have her do it...and while she'd never ask, I'll be sure to figure out a way to make it up to her when this is all over.

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Unknown said...

Yes, Liz was quite awesome. You owe her BIG time. ; )