What we still need

OK...these are the places I still need to secure. If you or anyone you know has access to any of these places then PLEASE let me know asap. I'm looking to get these scenes done on 8/19, 8/25 and 8/26. I included how long we'd need for each one. We can be flexible with that if need be too.


1. An office. Ideally it would be as non-descript as possible with boring cubicles. That said, with the time crunch there's some flexibility here. We'd need 4-6 hours. We could come in day or night whenever is more convenient. Friday evening could also be an option if it's all that's possible. This is an essential location. We have lots of flexibility here as far as how it looks. If any of you have access to a space like this or know someone that does and would be willing to help, your assistance would be appreciated.

2. A guitar center-type store. This can be a consumer electronics store of any kind though. The scene is our main character buying DJ equipment. We can fake it should the place not actually sell that stuff but still feels right. This set up is really basic and non-obtrussive. We just need to pick up a couple lines of dialogue. I'd say two hours should do it. We can shoot it anytime, late at night, early morning, it's very flexible. This is also an essential location. If you know anyone that owns or knows someone that owns a store like this, please please please help us out.

3. A record store in LA. We already have permission to shoot in DJ Culture, Simply Jeff's store on orange county. That said it's less ideal because it's in OC and we can only shoot there on a Monday. I have no expectations here, but on the off chance that someone has an inside connection to a local store that would be open to letting us in, it'd be a great help. We'd need about six hours. Early early morning before they open would be ideal. If we're doing it afterhours at night, we'd probably need an additional hour or two to light it. EDIT: DJ Culture is perfect. We met with one of the owners today and he was incredibly accommodating. Despite the distance, it's a fantastic location and we shoot there on 8/19.

4. A backup for vanguard. We've been working to get approval to shoot in vanguard for almost two months now. We haven't been turned down, but we haven't been green lit either. Any ideas of workable options for backup club locations would be appreciated. We'll need to be able to film in the space for up to six hours before it opens and then more with the club actually open to the public. We can trade HD footage of the club for access.


We're dressing a grungy pool to look like a hollywood fashion show so we need hip, cool sponsor banners to cover a shitty cracked wall. If one of them happens to be a beverage company that can contribute some booze for our pool party and all the extras, that'd be even extra cool.


An older woman who is our lead character's coworker. 50's+, kinda conservative. She only has one line so it's more appearance than acting ability. In fact she doesn't at all need to be an actress. We'll need her for the office shoot only.

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