Nocturnal construction

My work parking lot was closed today to build the stages and tents for the massive music/rave--Nocturnal Wonderland.


The road ahead

After reviewing all the footage we've shot and assessing what we need, Marc and I settled on shooting for two more days on October 13 and 14. The 13th will be spent shooting a couple scenes that we hadn't had a chance to get yet.

The 14th, our hopefully last day, will also be by far our most elaborate.

We're reshooting the failed opening scene that we shot at Vanguard. Only this time, we'll be in a studio (well...technically it's a loft, but its also a studio). This will mean actually building a DJ booth from scratch.

As you can see, it's a very stark space:

We have a challenge ahead of us. The current idea is to try to create something inspired by this (skip ahead a bit)

Yes, with video screens and projections. I knew that "no questions asked" costco return policy would one day come in handy.

Now, let's actually do it!


Reshoot studio

Here's a series of pix I took at the stage we'll be shooting in on 10/14.

DJ Girl studio location

It certainly has potential although it's VERY clearly a blank palate. How we design and build the set itself is what will make or break us. We plan to dress it up with lots of over the top equipment, bassbins,2 flatscreens and an HD projector. We may even rent a fog machine.

In any case, it's exciting and as the details emerge it becomes even more so...(and all the people on the outside start asking if they can help--something that will surely be appreciated on this day)


Liz gets her new car

Liz finally picked up her brand new, pimped out Infinity G35 coupe yesterday. After 8 years in a Nissan Sentra that leaked water, smelled like mold, and just two weeks ago finally decided to commit suicide, she's happy to be in such a nice new car. Now if only she'll let me drive it! (for the record, she already offered)

click below for gallery...
Liz new car


At work at Vanguard

Just saw this recently...

Drew "Rukes" Resler, the pro photographer that takes club pix at Vanguard every week, got this shot of us at work in the VIP room.

Here's the reverse angle from the our HD camera...

That strobe flash on the still camera is pretty damn powerful to light that room like that. It looks like two totally different spaces. If we tried walking around with a light that was constantly that bright, we would have been shown the door after about five minutes.

And for the record, while there is NO stripping in DJ Girl...there just might be a little pole dance--fully clothed, of course.


How to end a long day...

Let the neighborhood cat in heat scream at the top of its little lungs right outside your window at midnight.

Despite the annoyance, I couldn't help but become fascinated by the fact that a second, random cat that I've never seen before was just standing there watching the first cat writhe around in pain.

Eventually a neighbor did the old "spray the cat with a hose" trick and I haven't heard a peep since. Probably for the best as those nasty opossum's that live around here would probably love to destroy a weak feline like that.



It's 1:10AM in Westminster, MD and I can't seem to fall asleep. I have a 645AM flight out of BWI and then a day of car shopping with Liz. Driving my rental car to the airport so that means leaving in about three and a half hours....bleh. Don't mind the car shopping part at all...I just hope I can get some sleep on the plane so I'm actually useful.

Oh, and yeah...clowns will eat me.


How to be a DJ

Todd created this little animation of Steve explaining the DJ process to Jamie.

I love when his hands explode. According to Steve, he was describing what happens during a trainwreck to our new-to-DJing actress. I think the actual story must be more interesting and plan to put on my Columbo jacket to get real the scoop.