Liz and I decided to take a couple days away with a trip up to Santa Ynez valley wine country to relax after a stressful couple of months. It was a great time and we came back with a trunk full of vino. The weather was perfect too...until about an hour into our drive back around Ventura, CA...

We had seen news about the fires in Malibu on Sunday morning, but the smoke from those fires was blowing out to sea. We ended up driving right through the thick smoke of a massive fire that was beyond a large ridge from the city of Ventura. These pictures were taken at 2 in the afternoon and it felt like a cross between the feeling of an eclipse and the color palate of a michael bay movie. Very strange indeed. It wasn't until after finally reaching home that we realized the intense wind was fanning huge fires all over the region making this episode nearly as bad, if not worse, than the fires of 2003.


Last weekend stills

These two are my favorites:

From DJ Girl Foota...

From DJ Girl Foota...

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And that's a wrap!

I've been MIA from the updates for a while now. Between the day job and the weekend project things have been crazy busy. We shot our two pickup dates on Saturday and Sunday and it was worth all the hard work and effort that went into it.

You never get EVERYTHING you need or want, but we certainly got enough of it to give us some nice options putting this thing together. Plus our redo of the opening scene of the trailer that didn't work at Vanguard turned out fantastic.

While many people have helped and continued to help make this thing happen...two people put in the extra effort this past weekend to help out in very thankless ways. First was Todd who designed and helped build the DJ Booth and was on a ladder for a couple hours helping to assemble our set on location. Plus he helped out playing Gunther and as if that wasn't enough he's building our website too.

Secondly (not because she comes second but because I want to close with mentioning her) is, of course, Liz. She ran around picking up stage and speakers, driving a truck, making deliveries, assembling the set, moving heavy gear, sorting out food and doing all the little essential things on the set that someone needs to do or we'd never get it done. More importantly though, she's put up with me being a neurotic and anxious freak in the days leading up to each time we'd shoot. This project wouldn't exist without her and I can't thank her enough.

Next comes the editing and an entirely new set of challenges. But the challenge of coordinating and logistics has passed and I think we're in good hands with Darrin on our team to put our little reel together.

Here are some pix from my camera. I'll post some stills soon and we had someone taking more professional looking behind the scenes shots on the last day that will look great as well.



The start of a DJ Booth

Todd came over on Saturday to help design and build the DJ booth that will be the centerpiece for our set this Sunday. It will be covered with black fabric to mask the structure and the flatscreens will be playing a video loop. It also will be at our studio set rather than in our garage.

Gotta love that super loose Costco return policy!


Red Sox vs Anaheim

This was from our seats at game 3 of the Boston sweep to win their ALDS series.