Zoom zoom!

At age 31, I'd never gone go-kart racing before. That changed on Friday when we went with the fam to Miramar Speed Circuit in San Diego. After three races on the curvy indoor track I was averaging about 32mph and came in as high as second in our group of eight. Not too bad for an out of shape first timer. I got flashed the no bumping warning a few times, but what can I say, I race dirty.

There's no pic of me, but the nice photo of liz makes the point.


Where there's smoke...

So we're just hangin' out at home and then all of the sudden the entire kitchen and living room is filled with a thick terrible smelling smoke. Turns out a florescent light in the kitchen shorted and the plastic was smoldering. It happened really fast and I can't even imagine what would have resulted if we weren't here or if we were sleeping (as this seemed to prove the smoke alarm was broken).

The plastic casing for the tube florescent is in a large wooden rack that's close to the ceiling. I have no doubt that the rack would have caught fire and then possibly the ceiling and potentially entire building had we not been here. And 90 minutes later I'm still feeling nautious from the toxic plastic smoke so if we were asleep with all the windows closed we may have had other health worries as well even if the place didn't burn down.

It's pretty scary how quickly something like that can happen. Two rooms were literally filled with this awful smoke in what must have been only a minute or two as the smoke was billowing out of the light housing. There's nothing you can really do to prevent something from shorting out due to age, but our landlord is going to hear an earful tomorrow about the fact that there's no functional smoke detector in this place.

Of course we were playing Rock Band at the time (more on that later) so maybe the whole fire was simply a result of us rocking just a bit too hard...



I just got an invite to the private beta of Hulu...the new streaming content site being co-launched by NBC and FOX. It's by far the best way to watch tv shows free and legally online. The quality is great and there's just two or three 30 second ads per show. You can even go full screen.

BUT...best of all...you can embed the video into a blog...like this--last thursday's 30 Rock. The quality on the actual Hulu site is much higher, but being able to embed a full network show that aired last night is still cool...

On the site you can even edit a clip from a show and post just that....


Sign up for an invite here.



I stopped by the LA Auto Show today.  It always makes you crave a new car after seeing everything that's new.  For me this year it was the Nissan GT-R.   I wish I had $70K to get one next spring.  (I don't.)

From LA Auto Show ...

Yeah, I know...not exactly a hybrid.



It's 3:51 and I'm itching to leave work.  After the crazy busy last couple weeks things have calmed down a bit and it's all low key at the moment.  One half of the office is watching a movie another quarter have already left and the rest of us are leaving soon.  Last week I was here until after 10 a couple nights so it all balances out in the end.  I'm waiting on feedback on a few projects that probably won't come til Monday. 

I'm sure the 2.5 day long workweek before the holiday will be crazy busy. That's how the cookie usually crumbles.  

Liz is in Boston at a conference so I'm flying solo this weekend.  A few of us are going with the account team and clients to the skybox for the laker's game on sunday...but no other plans.  Maybe I'll go hiking.  Maybe I'll start my new script that I've been putting off forever.  Maybe I'll go see Dali at LACMA.  Maybe I'll work at a soup kitchen.  Maybe I'll go to a political rally. 

Who am I kidding?

Probably I'll sit at home and play Guitar Hero III.  Liz has become a better Guitar Hero than I....so gotta build the skills before she's back especially with Rock Band arriving next week.  Yes we like are pretend music games......a lot.   

I think we're going to get a hybrid after the holidays so I might find time to hit up the LA Auto show.  We'll see.

I really should start that next script though...


Busy busy busy

I've been neglecting my blogging duties if there ever was such a thing.  The day job has been crazy busy lately.  We did a big pitch for Cisco that had everyone in the office putting in extra time and our best individual shots at developing an idea that the client would love. Things finally calmed down a bit today so I got a chance to catch my breath.

As for the movie...Darrin has been really busy but last week he had a bit of time to assemble all the dialogue.  It was great to see things starting to come together.  Hopefully we'll get to the point of a full rough cut soon. Now there's the big issue of music....we have several ideas but it's such a hard thing to settle on because it's such a major factor in the tone we're trying to establish with this thing.   It will come together.



Celebrated the birthday last friday with a few friends at this sorta newish bar in West Hollywood called Seven. Supposedly the place is usually packed but it wasn't too bad when we were there with all the pre-halloween parties everywhere that night. We got some tables and it made for a good, laid back time.

Liz gave me a sweet Garmin Nuvi 680 GPS navigation. It's nice because it's portable so we can use it traveling.  Plus it picks up traffic/accident/construction notices which is essential for the roads of LA.