It's 3:51 and I'm itching to leave work.  After the crazy busy last couple weeks things have calmed down a bit and it's all low key at the moment.  One half of the office is watching a movie another quarter have already left and the rest of us are leaving soon.  Last week I was here until after 10 a couple nights so it all balances out in the end.  I'm waiting on feedback on a few projects that probably won't come til Monday. 

I'm sure the 2.5 day long workweek before the holiday will be crazy busy. That's how the cookie usually crumbles.  

Liz is in Boston at a conference so I'm flying solo this weekend.  A few of us are going with the account team and clients to the skybox for the laker's game on sunday...but no other plans.  Maybe I'll go hiking.  Maybe I'll start my new script that I've been putting off forever.  Maybe I'll go see Dali at LACMA.  Maybe I'll work at a soup kitchen.  Maybe I'll go to a political rally. 

Who am I kidding?

Probably I'll sit at home and play Guitar Hero III.  Liz has become a better Guitar Hero than I....so gotta build the skills before she's back especially with Rock Band arriving next week.  Yes we like are pretend music games......a lot.   

I think we're going to get a hybrid after the holidays so I might find time to hit up the LA Auto show.  We'll see.

I really should start that next script though...

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