Bad Travels 3

Liz enjoys life 3 hours into our five hour tour of DFW airport.

Bad Travels 2

That flight delayed almost 3 hrs to repair breaks....if we leave on time well arrive in la five hrs late. OH I'm also really sick too.....yay

Bad Travels 1

Holiday travel woes...sit on first flight for 70 mins during repair before taking off....miss second flight. Rebooked flt 2 hrs later


Camera be mine!

After asking for a video camera for the last five years and an HD take on one for the last two...Liz surprised me with a canon HV20. I was very surprised as it's almost became a joke of sorts each year when I ask for one.

She's the bestest!

see it here

Watch out world....I gots me video capabilities now! It's probably for the best that I didn't have this when we shot DJ Girl...but now I'm ready for the feature. Behind the scenes up the wazoo, baby!

As we're traveling we traditionally give each other one gift in MA and one gift in MD and leave the rest for when we return to CA.  I gave her an UGG hat.  It's cute, but it's seven levels below a video camera.  Fortunately her MD gift is much nicer...shhhhhhhhh!


A few straggling BTS shots

Just got some additional behind the scenes photos from our last day of shooting in October. We built the set to double for the DJ booth in the club and here's what it looked like when you can see off frame. The second shot is a still from camcorder.

From DJ Girl on set

From DJ Girl Foota...

Spin spin spin it

Every movie has a production company. You're not real without one, so introducing our little shell company...black circle.

Black Circle presents DJ Girl...yadda yadda yadda