Derby Dolls

A bunch of us ventured out to the hipster mecca that is Roller derby for the first time last night. I know I'm well behind the times on this when compared to friends back east. (Despite my distance I actually know two veteran Gotham Girls!)   

A few notes on my first experience at the Derby...

-After seeing this crowd, every coffee house in Silver Lake must shutter it's doors once a month. I think the ironic mustache stops becoming ironic when there's a couple hundred of them in one room.

-Alexis Arquette still has the manly voice when it comes to singing. (s/he "sang" the natl anthem) 

-I rooted for (but didn't bet on) the Tough Cookies and they won.  Porter betted on the Fight Crew and they lost.  The streak of my team winning when I don't gamble continues. (I won't be betting on the Superbowl because of this)

-I won the raffle.  (It was just tickets to the Derby Dolls movie screening, bleh)

-Pilsner Urquell in a tall can is much better than Tecate.

-Apparently banked track Roller Derby isn't the norm these days.  But seeing how it's all I know now I can't imagine it any other way.

-It's some operation this thing.  There must have been 2000 people there...filling this huge warehouse space.  At $20 for GA and $35 for the VIP bleachers (+beer/food/etc) they clearly made bank.  Who ever was the adwizard that thought to bring back all-girl Roller Derby a couple years ago is a frackin' genius.

-Before it began not one of us could figure out the rules even after reading the explanation in the program.  After it began it only took about two minutes before we all knew exactly what was going on.  

-One team's mascot was a guy in a lobster suit.  I'm not exactly sure why.

-We'll probably go back again next month.

Some pix and vids...

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