A week in the life as a new year begins

So we arrived safely in Los Angeles last Sunday a full five hours after our scheduled arrival time. I know that travel delays and problems seem to be the expected norm these days but I was fighting one horrible cold so that five hours felt like fifteen. Bleh.

On monday we went back and forth about fifty times about whether or not to go out for NYE. We had plans to attend a party at the Roosevelt hotel with some friends. At the last second I decided to drink away my sickness and we went. It was fun hangin' with people...nothing spectacular, but fun. I didn't wake up feeling worse the next morning, so I suppose it wasn't a terrible choice to go.

Three fairly slow days of work later I thought I was feeling better...but then I had a friday where some crazy allergy attacked me and I went through an entire box of tissues. Random.

The monsoon rains came yesterday afternoon and Liz was to pick me up at work for our plans that evening. (I got a ride with someone so we wouldn't need two cars.) She was running super late so I ventured taking the subway. As is usually the case with me I had no umbrella or coat but I found a dude selling umbrellas for five bucks on a corner two blocks from workso I didn't get supersoaked. The LA Metro is a strange beast but it's nice if you're going the limited places it runs. 20 minutes later I was walking up the steps in Hollywood and met Darrin and Mike Ochs for dinner exactly on time. (The rain traffic caused liz to arrive much later).

Dinner was followed with seeing Sweeney Todd with director Tim Burton speaking after. It was at the Arclight Cineramadome and I swear they took out a wall in the back just to build the seats we were in so they'd be worse than previously thought possible. Good movie though and he had some interesting things to say in the 45 mins or so after that he spoke...but man do some people ask STUPID questions. Maybe it's just being in LA, but at least half of them began with "I'm an actor" or "I'm in film school" Shut up! Someone actually asked what his favorite color was and with the annoyingly suckup intro from some AFI guy, it felt like I was in the audience for the Actor's Studio show with James Lipton for a bit. One pompous self-admitted broadway freak dared to ask him what he'd do differently (she was upset at the cut songs). Burton took a minute or two being nice and then just said, "you know...nothing." Good for him. Liz wanted to ask him why his hair is so crazy....we were too far back to get picked though.

Then we braved the rains and headed home. If Darrin isn't feeling too sick, DJ Girl editing continues this afternoon.

And that's my week.

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