...is what I've been doing to my blog.

Four word updates for you:

-New car is cool.

-Miss the convertible though.

-Recording trailer narration saturday.

-Movie website almost done.

-Promoting begins in weeks.

-Work has been busy.

-Liz was very sick.

-She's much better now.

-Unexpected travels next week.

-Seeing Brendan's show tonight.

-Must get to gym.

-Seriously, need to workout.


Mini No More

In less than 24 hours my car of the last three years will be replaced by a sensible hybrid made by Nissan. I will very much miss the convertible. Unfortunately this car has been in the shop more than any three year old car ever should and I certainly won't miss that. With the too short warranty coming to an end and repairs very costly it's not worth it any longer. Plus something a wee bit bigger will be OK with me. Did I say I'll miss the convertible though? I mean really, I will. Now onward to the realm of the everyday normal car...at least until someone makes a mass market hybrid convertible. Are you listening automakers? Do it.

God, I love robots



We spent yesterday visiting the final weekend of the Murakami exhibit at MOCA.  The show was packed as expected but lots of fun.  You do kind of get sick of smiling flowers after a while though, but there's enough other work on his display to keep things interesting.

If you're not familiar with him, you may know Murakami's work from the Louis Vitton bags he's designed or his work with Kanye West.  (Kanye played at the members opening party back in October.)  The gallery has a real working Louis Vitton store right in the middle which has been a point of controversy among the art snobs of the world.

With the new Broad Contemporary Building that opened this weekend at LACMA, it's going to be an art-filled month for us.  If it's good enough for Tom and Katie, it's good enough for me.