A lot has been happening...so here's a couple bikes

Between my grandmother passing away last month to the new job I started the day I got back to LA, it's been a busy few weeks.  At some point in the midst of it all, Liz and I decided that we wanted to buy ourselves beach bikes.  After living within walking distance of the beach for 8 years, I have no logical answer for why we never decided this before.

Just to make sure it was a good idea, we rented bikes by the beach and took an afternoon ride.  We only went a few miles along the 22-mile long bike path known as The Strand, but it was enough to confirm that this was a fantastic idea that we needed to move forward on immediately. Little did we know how extensive the world of beach cruisers would be.  You can go from a basic run of the mill bike to over-the-top custom motorcycle-inspired low rider bikes.  Walk by the local pier on a summer afternoon and you'll see hundreds of them--crossing the entire spectrum. We looked at catalogues, we visited bike shops, and we got recommendations from friends.  And of course we couldn't find exactly what we wanted. Some of the cooler looking bikes are made for only a few months and then discontinued.  So Liz kept seeing pictures of bikes she loved only to discover they were no longer available.   

Eventually, we decided on the two bikes below after test driving them in different colors--both made by Electra--people say that's a good beach cruiser brand, but I dunno...they look cool and were fun to ride.  The local shop is ordering them for us with their next order for the store this week, so we won't pay anything extra like shipping which is nice.  Pictures of the bikes in use will be coming when we actually have them next week (Unfortunately, I don't think they'll be here in time for the holiday wkd).  

A fun summer awaits!

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