My Mii is fat.

I've been rolling into my job writing for a shoe company at around 9 lately so it was an early morning for me on Wednesday when I headed to Target at 730 to beat the rush and pick up the latest popular fad from Nintendo--Wii Fit.  There were a few cars in the parking lot, so I walked up to the door when I got there.  As if I triggered an alarm by reaching the door, every person waiting in their car got out and into a line that formed behind me.  

When the door opened at 8 there were about 50 people in line behind me.  They walked us in and I picked up my new accessory.  I was back in my car and heading to work (5 minutes away) at 8:05.  35 minutes very painless minutes isn't bad considering they sold out by the time the last person walked through the doors and they've been sold out since.

So I come home and set it all up, sync it to our Wii, and pop in the disk.  I go through a series of tests that involve me stepping on the balance board, trying to stand still on the high tech "balance board" and entering details about my non-Wii based exercise and at end of it all I learn that I could use to lose a few.  (not a shocker there).  But by the time it was all over my Mii expanded in size to illustrate my larger girth. (Fortunately, I'm far from the obese level in the game so my Mii was chunky rather than rotund) There was even a skinny guy getting fat BLOOOOP sound that went with the animation.

After playing around with this new living room toy for a while I've come to see why reviews say that few people will actually lose weight by using Wii Fit.  BUT, where it works great is in the way it helps you keep track of your progress with constant reminders and fun little mini games.  If anything, Wii Fit has made me more glad that I ordered a bike a few days ago. I want my Mii to be skinny again. That bike can't get here soon enough.

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