Give me the cash or I'll slap you with my palm frond!

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Bleu Reigh

After entering the HD era on the wrong side of the format war 7 months ago, we broke down and got a PS3 today so that we could watch more than the than the 8 HD-DVD movies we own.

Damn you, HD-DVD for losing!

Fortunately it was $200 off after a couple special offers. Not bad.

This is a reluctant step into the age of Blu-Ray for us. Didn't really get it for gaming, although it is a bit strange because I don't think I've owned three current video game systems since...well...ever.


In any case it's a nice distraction from this terrible cold I started today. Ugh...summer colds SUUUUCK.

I just told Liz her favorite miniseries ever--Lonesome Dove--comes out on BluRay in August. Looks like I'll be watching it for the first time when it does.


A long time coming update.....

...of our audio experience...

Coming soon to 832 15th Place:

1. A playstation 3 I'm more of an xbox and handheld guy myself so I dont' see us using it to play a lot of games. That said it's competely futureproofed for new bluray technology. Six months ago we bought HDDVD players and were on the wrong side of that war. Now it's time to do the right thing. Shift to take the winner's side and take it big.

2. The stereo and speakers we have are on loan and they need to be returned soon so that the curator can loan them to a new freind. Because of this, we'll need to pick up a receiver (ONKYO 606) and some speakers. You can go crazy with a speaker budget.

We're keeping things fairly tame by picking up a 5.1 set from Harman/Kardon called HT-18 or something. I'd upgrade the fronts when we move to a house, but reviews make me think they're perfectly reasonable for our needs in an apartment.

I think that's it...pretty simple. So now you know!

Speaking of gear...don't forget we're only about seven months away from the shut down of all analogue television. If you get your tv with a wire over the air--it will no longer work. If you get your tv from a cable providor but you don't use a cable box--it may not work either. I think sales on flatscreens will be massive this fall with the shutoff around the bend. Or...you can check this site for more oh so helpful information....


Alice remixed

I've seen these kinds of things before, but this one seems to blow the others away. Fantastic video/music remix almost entire created with samples from Alice in Wonderland.

Download the track