Bleu Reigh

After entering the HD era on the wrong side of the format war 7 months ago, we broke down and got a PS3 today so that we could watch more than the than the 8 HD-DVD movies we own.

Damn you, HD-DVD for losing!

Fortunately it was $200 off after a couple special offers. Not bad.

This is a reluctant step into the age of Blu-Ray for us. Didn't really get it for gaming, although it is a bit strange because I don't think I've owned three current video game systems since...well...ever.


In any case it's a nice distraction from this terrible cold I started today. Ugh...summer colds SUUUUCK.

I just told Liz her favorite miniseries ever--Lonesome Dove--comes out on BluRay in August. Looks like I'll be watching it for the first time when it does.

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