What happens after nov. 4


doesn't matter who you support.

would you consider flying to DC for the inauguration if your guy wins?

The last time I went was when my grandfather and I went to Clinton's first inaugural in 1992. It was a very amazing experience on many levels. I was a senior in highschool and took the day off and just had a fantastic day with grandpa. We pushed our way up to the closest we could get without tickets. We were still far away but there were far more people behind us than in front of us.. With the big TV screens it was fine.

I couldn't vote that year and it was the most I've been excited about an election before 2008.

My grandmother died earlier this year and I don't have the chance to see my grandfather as often as I'd like since we live so far apart.

Grandpa lives in Hanover, PA...right across the border from where my parents live in Carroll County, MD. If Obama wins, I'm seriously considering flying back and this time taking my gramps. He's a little slower 16 years later but he's still fully mobile and I think he'd have a fantastic time.

THe thing that's great is that while I've always known he's not at all a bad person...he grew up in a different time. When I was growing up, he would say nigger or other words that have a lot of pain behind them today...but he'd be oblivious to that. He doesn't use those words today. None of us really ever asked him stop, he just did. And for the last four months, every time I talk to him on the phone, he talks to me about how excited he is about Obama and how much he can't stand McCain and "That Palin Woman". I usually have to make up an excuse to hang up because he'd go on for hours if I didn't.

I love grandpa and I visit far less than I should. The chance for us to have a second bonding experience in DC 16 years later is beyond exciting to me. Even if Obama wins, it's no certainty because he's getting up there in years....but I think it's a very likely possibility and it would make me quite happy. We'll see what happens. Let's get him elected first....


Horrible Halloween

So I had a grand plan to go as Dr. Horrible for Halloween.  I found places to get the goggles, gloves and boots relatively cheaply but unfortunately I can't find a lab coat thats in this style without paying an arm and a leg for it.  

We were going to take my picture with the goggles and put it on the shirt for Liz to go as one of the fans.  Yeah I know it's not super original for the comic convention types but we weren't going to roll with that crowd on the 31st.

Hmmm...what to do what to do....


Fall TV is too much

I don't know exactly why I'm taking notice more than before.  Am I sucked in more? Am I actually watching more TV? Did I care less before?  Whatever the case may be, about a week into the new season of fall TV I started to feel like a lazybones ass.  (I'm sure the fact that I spent most of the summer having trouble moving forward on a new script was a contributing factor.) 

Here are the shows that our DVR currently records that I at least intended to watch:
Monday: Heroes, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Tuesday:  -
Wednesday: Project: Runway, South Park, Pushing Daisies
Thursday: The Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Sarah Silverman Program, 30 Rock
Friday: Real Time with Bill Maher
Saturday: Saturday Night Live
Sunday:  Dexter, Californication, Entourage, True Blood, Amazing Race, Mad Men
Monday-Thursday:  Daily Show, Colbert Report

True Blood sucks so I axed that after a single week.  Heroes is on the cusp of being cut right now.  SNL is great on DVR because you can skip all the crappy sketches.  Is it not as bad as I think it is?  I actually haven't watched the last three eps of Terminator so maybe that will be cut as well, only to catch up in some sort of marathon online viewing in the future.

I've actually been writing a bit lately...so maybe my little effort to cut back is working.  Or maybe the writing is making me want to cut back.  I'm not exactly sure.

Oh yeah...and there's that editing thing.  I got a book.  We'll see how far I get.  Probably just far enough that I shouldn't be wasting time watching the Amazing Race.


All isn't lost in babylon

It's funny how time just goes on and on while you have to wait to get stuff done.  

I don't even know who is looking at this thing these days but I want to make sure all my billions of fans are aware that I'm not giving up. I'm not losing interest.  And I'm not becoming distracted with this or that.

The problem is that the people I have helping me make this happen are so riduncuously awesome at what they do that they're busy with day jobs and paid work that puts their talent to real actually compensated use.  

To pass the time I'm going to play around with Final Cut Pro myself.  Pretty crazy, huh?  Now if I were a better man, I'd bet a lot of money that I'll accomplish absolutely nothing until Trailer Editor guru darrin is available to hold my hand, but who knows...maybe I have some sort of hidden away natural talent that I didn't know existed.  (seriously, I don't think I do).  But at worst I can make some sort of kindergarten-level rough cut that gets the idea out on ... well it's not paper...hmmm...disk?  Yeah, disk.

See it's all about fast.  It's all about flashy.   It's all about style now.  Well, it's not ALL about that, but the purpose of this little project is.  I have someone who is ready to do some sick motion graphics (we had none in the first trailer.)  And I have a designer that's going to do some fantastic work as well.  Plus there's Darrin's expertise editing. It will rule.  Just need to get there. And once we do, we have the biz plan ready to go.  

Time, time, time.  You always hear about those people who say it took them 10 years to get their first project off the ground.  That used to sound over the top to me.  I now 100% understand what they mean.  

Oh, and that little picture above.  I found it on google.  Our footage obviously has no kids on bikes...and even if it did.  I have no idea how to do that video in two windows thing.  ...  Oh wait... I'm told that's the normal way it works.  I'm screwed.