All isn't lost in babylon

It's funny how time just goes on and on while you have to wait to get stuff done.  

I don't even know who is looking at this thing these days but I want to make sure all my billions of fans are aware that I'm not giving up. I'm not losing interest.  And I'm not becoming distracted with this or that.

The problem is that the people I have helping me make this happen are so riduncuously awesome at what they do that they're busy with day jobs and paid work that puts their talent to real actually compensated use.  

To pass the time I'm going to play around with Final Cut Pro myself.  Pretty crazy, huh?  Now if I were a better man, I'd bet a lot of money that I'll accomplish absolutely nothing until Trailer Editor guru darrin is available to hold my hand, but who knows...maybe I have some sort of hidden away natural talent that I didn't know existed.  (seriously, I don't think I do).  But at worst I can make some sort of kindergarten-level rough cut that gets the idea out on ... well it's not paper...hmmm...disk?  Yeah, disk.

See it's all about fast.  It's all about flashy.   It's all about style now.  Well, it's not ALL about that, but the purpose of this little project is.  I have someone who is ready to do some sick motion graphics (we had none in the first trailer.)  And I have a designer that's going to do some fantastic work as well.  Plus there's Darrin's expertise editing. It will rule.  Just need to get there. And once we do, we have the biz plan ready to go.  

Time, time, time.  You always hear about those people who say it took them 10 years to get their first project off the ground.  That used to sound over the top to me.  I now 100% understand what they mean.  

Oh, and that little picture above.  I found it on google.  Our footage obviously has no kids on bikes...and even if it did.  I have no idea how to do that video in two windows thing.  ...  Oh wait... I'm told that's the normal way it works.  I'm screwed.

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