What happens after nov. 4


doesn't matter who you support.

would you consider flying to DC for the inauguration if your guy wins?

The last time I went was when my grandfather and I went to Clinton's first inaugural in 1992. It was a very amazing experience on many levels. I was a senior in highschool and took the day off and just had a fantastic day with grandpa. We pushed our way up to the closest we could get without tickets. We were still far away but there were far more people behind us than in front of us.. With the big TV screens it was fine.

I couldn't vote that year and it was the most I've been excited about an election before 2008.

My grandmother died earlier this year and I don't have the chance to see my grandfather as often as I'd like since we live so far apart.

Grandpa lives in Hanover, PA...right across the border from where my parents live in Carroll County, MD. If Obama wins, I'm seriously considering flying back and this time taking my gramps. He's a little slower 16 years later but he's still fully mobile and I think he'd have a fantastic time.

THe thing that's great is that while I've always known he's not at all a bad person...he grew up in a different time. When I was growing up, he would say nigger or other words that have a lot of pain behind them today...but he'd be oblivious to that. He doesn't use those words today. None of us really ever asked him stop, he just did. And for the last four months, every time I talk to him on the phone, he talks to me about how excited he is about Obama and how much he can't stand McCain and "That Palin Woman". I usually have to make up an excuse to hang up because he'd go on for hours if I didn't.

I love grandpa and I visit far less than I should. The chance for us to have a second bonding experience in DC 16 years later is beyond exciting to me. Even if Obama wins, it's no certainty because he's getting up there in years....but I think it's a very likely possibility and it would make me quite happy. We'll see what happens. Let's get him elected first....

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