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I've been distracted.  Well, I've always been distracted. It comes in cycles, really. There will be weeks on end where the powers that be help forge forward creatively, productively and everything else across the boardively.  

The last month has been great for excercise and health--4 hikes in 4 weeks is big stuff for a couple of computer and tv addicts.   Plus the gym and the occassional bike rides when warm.  It's just generally good.

Relationship has been on the up.  We're talking...it's always about talking, isn't it?  From talking breeds happiness and I think we're happy now. The happy couple can conquer everything.

Creatively I've been up and down a lot these last few weeks.  I'll have the juice for two days and then just can't find a way to focus on anything at all for another fall.  I don't feel dry or blocked, but it's still extremely frustrating.  I just need to puke this stuff onto a page so I can rebuild it into something fantastic.  After a couple misstarts and tabled ideas this is my first full script since DJ Girl and I have really high hopes for it.  It's far too early for details but it does have a title....Heart Shaped Box.  Take that for what you will.  Maybe I'll have something presentable by 2070.  I just need to find a consistent way to create within the groove where it' all moving on all cylinders.  Right now I have an old junker that delivers for short periods of time but then goes into the shop indefinitely for repairs after I run over a rock or something lame.

As for DJ Girl....it's still alive....very much alive.   Version 2.0 is a brand new start to end edit using our existing material--only this time we'll have plenty of very cool motion graphic effects to keep things interesting.  Less story.  More character.  More tease.  Our feedback on the original edit came from friends in the industry who were new to the project--not potential investors.   We're addressed the concerns and we'll see what happens when people actually have cash again.  A short title motion graphic sample will release soon.

Facebook seems to be the home of sooo many these days.  I guess the best thing is to crosslink.  Hmmm.    And twitter...I don't think I'm ready for the bird.

OK....and soeth begins LIVE IN HERMOSA v2.0       Enjoy.

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