In my great effort to bring this little escape-for-my-mind up to date after a lengthy and bumpy hiatus, I decided to explore the blogger control panel (much improved since I was last regularly updating.) and saw a new button called "monetize."

Monetize?  Hmmm. Dreams of vacations aboard golden cruise ships and mansions built with platinum legos filled my head. This sounds great!  I clicked, filled out a couple things and--just like magic--there are ads on the right side of this page now.  And boy do those dollars flow in fast!

To be honest it's a curiosity more than anything else and I don't expect to keep them there for very long. The software includes some tracking ability so I'm more interested in discovering if anyone ends up stumbling here from the vast land of Interwebs. I know there are other ways to do it but I like my tracking just as I like my...well...um...weeknight dinners--easy and effortless.

I'm feeling pretty good about keeping up the nearly daily updates.  Yeah...promises I've made before, I know. But it's been a good way to break through the clutter of my head and find some focus for a few minutes each day and I have a decent routine going now. So that's worth something right?

After I get a bit more content (we're up to ten days now!) and plug myself on facebook...I may earn a whole shiny nickel from those fabulous ads to the right. Oh, happy day!

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