Reason #286 why LA is better than NYC

You really can't go wrong with a sunset bike ride along the beach right after work. It's the perfect stress reliever and as an added bonus it's exercise too!  Plus, you get views like this. Every. Single. Day.

With fires raging in the mountains about 80 miles away, the smoke in the air added a little extra glow to make an already gorgeous sight all the more spectacular.

With visitors and busy days and this and that, over two weeks had passed since my last week night ride. Too long. Although to be honest, it's good not to overdo it.  Don't want to start taking it all for granted, after all.

Didn't expect to get much work done last night after the late night on Tuesday.  But after reaching a place of complete calm, I ended up writing a bit and completed an After Effects lesson chapter.  Not bad.

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