Our great trash nightmare has come to a close

28 days later and the saga comes to a close.  Yesterday, I stopped home for lunch and things weren't looking good.

It was about 2PM and there was an angry dude in an official-looking white pickup having a nextel argument with someone about the task being 'too big to handle'. (I'm not exactly sure what that meant).   He sat there for about 30 minutes and then abruptly took off with our piled up garbage left behind.   As big as the recycle crap in the pix looked, the heaps of non-recycle trash was twice as large.

I was worried that this would require yet another end-of-day call to the landlord which only leads to me being on the receiving end of ranting about how incapable the government is at doing anything. As true as that may be when things come to trash collection in Hermosa Beach, it had been a long day and I just didn't want to hear it again.  Turns out the people at the city and garbage company probably didn't want to hear it either. (Our landlord was bugging everyone who would listen on a daily basis--and I'm very thankful for his being so relentless about it.) When I returned from work, amazingly all the garbage was gone.  And thank god because it's supposed to hit a hundred degrees today and that shit was starting to stink....bad.

So the clock is now reset.  We'll see what happens on next week's collection day.  We'll see...

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