The final act

The closing act to the mommapalooza adventure ended up being rather uneventful. I spent the day back at the old grind while mom carted around town and discovered a shop that will fix the car. Work seemed to drag far more than usual--hour after hour after hour after hour--then lunch--then hour after hour after hour. Ugh. Finally the whistle blew and with relief I left and took mom for some pub eats by the beach at Hennessys in Hermosa.

It was another gloomy day so a chilly breeze took over as we sipped drinks and ate greasy sandwiches. After dinner I dropped the mother off at her last night hotel near the airport. (630AM flight out deemed that necessary) We said goodbye and that was it. It was a nice visit--dented car aside, less stressful than I had anticipated.

Now I need to deal with the reality that I'm well off the wagon for a host of things in my life including working out (been a week), writing (longer), editing (forever), getting crap done around the house (eons). Planning to take a jog after work to get back into the groove. Looking forward to hiking again this weekend. I need to be back on my game when Liz returns in two weeks!

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