I don't know how it happened

There's a longer post about a very shitty event yesterday in my job search life but I can't let it go live until I'm certain it's settled. (It'll make sense eventually.) So that aside...

Friday has been fairly uneventful. Boring as always day at work. Then I head home and mother is waiting on the balcony as I drive up. This can't be good. I park in the garage and walk when I walk out she's come down the stairs and is waiting for me. This REALLY can't be good.

"Did your car have a scratch before today?" Fuck, this will in no way be good.

A little backstory. Mother is visiting for the already advertised mommapalooza '09. A six day visit that thus far has gone fairly smoothly. With Liz in Boston for the entire summer we have two cars at the house so I offered mother my Altima Hybrid and I'm driving liz's Infinity G35. Makes sense anyway since I drive a fracking mom-mobile and liz drives a fast sport coupe.

So anyway... "I don't think there was a scratch. Let's go look." We walk up to the car. I don't know what the word scratch means in Maryland, but in California is doesn't mean an indented scrape for a quarter length of the car ending at a kickball sized dent with the metal under the paint exposed.

"No, that wasn't there before."

I'm pretty furious. So I do what anyone furious would do to avoid a fight. I go take a crap.

Eventually after some heated followed by calm discussion we come to the conclusion that mom probably backed into a trash can that was lodged next to a tree. And shit happens so we'll figure out a way to deal with it on Monday. She felt really bad but it'll get resolved so there's no reason for anyone to keep feeling bad. Mom hasn't been having a great time with the car this trip...she got a parking ticket while in the spot that probably led to the big scrape/dent.

Anyway...while that part sucked, mom often surprises me in great ways. Last night we picked some recipes that I could make for dinner tonight and she was going to pick up ingredients while I was at work. I just assumed she'd go to the local supermarket (it's what I'd do) but I mentioned a fresh fish market in the next town that I heard was great. I didn't even know the name as I've never been there myself. Well mom tracked it down and picked up some super cheap but very fresh and tasty mahi mahi.

The menu was: Ginger crusted Mahi Mahi, Garlic and Miso Green Beans, and Wild Rice It was fantastic. One of the best meals I think I've cooked in quite a while. And we both loved it. So it was almost the reverse of yesterday (which you haven't read yet because I can't post it yet!) Shitty news that turned out to end on a very nice note.

Plans for tomorrow involve: cupcakes, a mission, malibu, topanga canyon, and local wine tasting. I have two birthday parties (fortunately close to each other in Hollywood) that I may attend tomorrow night. So any report may not come until Sunday if I end up venturing out.

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