Trash dayz

The great trash-out continues.

Our recycling hasn't been picked up for 22 days.

That's it over there to the left. A nearly month long artifact of drinking, eating and shopping for the three units in our building.

There's so much crap there now that the old Asian dude who shows up on trash day morning to rummage for deposit bottles doesn't even try any more.

The trash company doesn't like to drive the big truck down our dead end very steep street and they're too lazy to pull the barrels up the hill. (everything still fit through day 14 or so). The houses at the top of our street aren't too keen on us leaving our crap on the street in front of their houses, so that's not an option either.

I've called the trash company twice. ("We'll send someone tomorrow"--they don't.) Our landlord has called and escalated to managers a few times. ("They'll send someone tomorrow"--they didn't.) And apparently now there's someone at city hall involved. I dunno.

Eventually they'll send a rover to pick it up. (Yes, the garbage company has a little scout truck for where the monster truck doesn't fit). And then we'll all be happy for 7 days until another trash day passes with the blue barrels left behind.

And the cycle of inaction continues...

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