Activity list for the infirmed

For some people a sick day is just a work day with different colored walls and a sloppy outfit.

Not me.

As any regular reader of my disjointed words knows, I have a hard enough time concentrating when I'm going full strength.  I derail easily.  Sure, it's a lot of excuses, but lets be honest with the facts.  A minor change in plans can throw off my rhythm, this whole sick thing...it just messes with me across the board.

OK, I'm being too hard on myself. I've completed work when home sick before--and not just once.  Working at an ad agency it wasn't a big challenge because deadlines are deadlines and you gotta do what you..well...you get the point.  And yes, my distracted mind has survived the formless existence of a freelance life.

But these last two days...I don't know what it is.  I could have used them to write. ...but why write when you can play a video game?   I could have done a few After Effects lessons.   But why focus on a book when you can watch people argue on CNN?   When you have a day job that's so very much boring, it's seems strange as to take the time away to do something even more so.  ...to enter a veg-state that's just unplugged from the corporate mainline.

Well this isn't a personal day.  I am frakking sick.  And now I'm writing this now.  I stepped away from the television long enough to do it.  Maybe that means I'm getting better.  Could I possibly get in another scene of writing before Liz comes home from work?  That's a fantastic idea.  Let's do it.


My head hurts.  I'm sweating.  I think I need to lay down.

If I make it to work tomorrow, I'll write a scene then.   That's the way things are supposed to work, right?  For now I'm sick.  I'm eating food that's bad for me.  And I'm not going to care.  And any of you voices in my head that want to bitch about it need to shut the eff up.

Liz was home for a bit earlier and told me I look and sound worse than any point since this sick hit me a few days ago.  ...and I'm worried that my To Do list isn't long enough.  In the least, it's a nice distraction.

Words like productivity and exercise don't belong in my vocabulary today.  And for all those workahaulics who, well, work through sick days...suck it.

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