A busy labor weekend

It's been a busy couple days.

After celebrating the end to yet another work week, Liz and I ventured to The Landmark to see Extract--the new comedy from Mike Judge.  I thought it pretty much met what one would expect from him, both good and bad.  It was enjoyable but probably better seen on a TV in a couple months.

Liz posted this review to facebook:

Elizabeth Beirne

Saw Extract tonight. Pretty funny (+1), but nothing memorable (-1). Mike Judge has done better (-1). On the other hand, Jason Bateman (+3). Ben Affleck (-4) with a beard that masks his repugnant "aw shucks" permagrin (+1). Kristin Wiig (+0.5) and David Koechner (+0.5). Total: Meh + 0= enjoyable but disposableon Friday
Can't argue with that.

On Saturday morning I took the same hike I've been embarking on solo for most of the summer. ...and I was solo yet again.  I do go fast and it was very hot.  ...but that wouldn't have been the case if she was with me.  Although perhaps she knows me well enough to realize that my trying-to-go-slower speed is probably still too fast for someone who hasn't been walking 5 miles with 1000+ ft of elev gain for the last four months.  Hopefully we'll be on even ground again soon. (And it'll cool down...she doesn't like this heat...)

On Saturday afternoon I headed down to Fiesta Hermosa and picked up a tasty tri tip sandwich.  Thinking about it right now I kinda wish I walked back down there again to have another one.  Dammit. Now I'll have to wait until May.

That night, a couple refuges from the postponed Nine Inch Nails show stopped by for an unplanned gathering with drinks and food at our house.  Some pretty low key discussions about everything ranging from cameras and thai massage parlors ensued.  Fun times.

I woke up with a TERRIBLE hangover on sunday morning from all the beer drank the night before.  It was strange because I don't usually drink a lot of beer if I'm drinking for long.  I think maybe I was just overly full.  A few advils and LOTS of water helped and Liz and I were able to join Kelly for some lunch by the beach in the midst of the fiesta chaos.  (We went sit down--so no sunday tri tip for me).   Liz and I are pretty certain that Kristen Bell was at a table over from us wearing a blue wig. (Disguise or fashion--I don't know).  Sadly I have no photographic evidence of this.  Yes, I'm fully aware of the "pix or stfu" mantra so I guess it never happened.
I tried to find a picture of her in the wig.  With the number of cameras around these parts, stranger things have popped up online in shorter time. Couldn't find anything. But seeing this picture on left--I'm 99.5% sure it was her.  Just imagine she's wearing this wig on the right...

Liz claimed she had on expensive shoes.  I can't speak to that as I wasn't paying much attention.  But expensive shoes in the town with the richest single people in the entire country--probably isn't the end-all indicator.  

Our little Kristen Bell diatribe aside, Sunday wrapped up at Cinespia where we watched Ferris Beuller's Day Off with a couple people in a cemetery.  Liz finally met some folks from work who happened to be right behind us in line.  Strange coincidence that after 15 months at the gig, introductions happen during a big event 45 minutes away from the office.  Whatever the reason, I was glad to finally have people I've talked about meet each other.  Edie McClug, who plays Roony's secretary, introduced the movie after rambling on for waaaaay too long.  It's never good when someone with a microphone says, "Sorry, they gave me all this champagne back there!"  By the end, much wine was consumed by many within the packed crowd.  Liz and I closed the night at home watching Mad Men.

And that takes us to today.  It's been a lazy Labor Day almost by definition.  I got us some breakfast in the morning and we've been relaxing around the house all afternoon--which is nice considering all the running around (and drinking) we've been doing on this holiday wkd.  Making a nice plan for the week and we begin it all again soon...  way too soon...

Today's labels will be brought to you by Actresses of the Weekend, a new show on Bravo....

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