Cold vs. Allergy

I don't think I'm sick.

*knocks on wood*

Well, I hope I'm not sick.

I have a stuffy nose and bit of a sore throat.  But I'm at that stage where things could go either way.  Is it allergy or is it a full blown cold?

I think I'll just stick to my plan for the evening and go jogging.  Maybe I'll run it out of my system.

Let's hope that works.

*knocks on wood* again.

There's been a lot of shit in the air lately with the fires and whatnot. So that's one in the allergy column.

But, it's been hot and I seem to always get colds at the most inopportune times.  Ugh, one down for cold.

I'm pulling for allergy.  It's my oversensitive white blood cells I'm sure.

That MUST be it.

*knocks on wood* for the third time.

Three time's the charm, right?

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