Go away. We're closed.

I thought this economy was turning around.

Leave work at lunch all excited to get another tasty chicken and brie panini at the Chef Hannes Cafe right down the street from the office.  It's a very tasty little sandwich.  This is the kind of satisfying work day lunch to look anticipate as the morning drones along.

As I wait to cross the street I plan out in my head if I'll get the side salad or a little bag of chips--Chips it is!  And a bottled iced tea will be the perfect beverage.

The little walking man appears and I strut across the busy boulevard. This is going to be fantastic!  I approach the front door and pull...but...it's locked. There's someone inside dismantling decor who pretends not to notice me.  They didn't even put the obligatory closed sign.   THIS SUCKS.  I've been craving that sandwich ALL FUCKING DAY! 


I make do with an overpriced, less healthy, and less good steak sandwich at the farmhouse deli a few doors up. It wasn't even that bad.  But chicken with drippy brie between pressed bread.....mmmmmmmm.....that's what I wanted.  That's what I needed.  I'd say next time--but next time is impossible when IT NO LONGER EXISTS!

side note...I googlesearched for "closed sign" to find the image above.  It wasn't until after I clicked on it that I realized the origin of the image was www.restoreforeskin.org.  There's a voice for everything, I guess. 

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