A lovely afternoon

I wanted to get into work early yesterday so that I could take off a bit early for an end-of-day haircut appointment.

So I park on Sepulveda--the main highway in front of the building.  Now NORMALLY when I do that, I move my car at lunch and park elsewhere, but on this day I walked to lunch and completely spaced on the parking situation.

At about 5PM, Liz sent me an IM confirming that I'd be home a little late.  Immediately a light goes off above my head. I ran outside.  No car.  It was probably towed 2 hours earlier when the rush hour restrictions began.

I've never felt more stupid in my life.  100% my fault for being an idiot.  Best part is I have a lot where I can park, I was just running late and it can be a long walk with a slow street crossing light. I've never had my car towed before.  I don't even get a cool story filled with excess and adventure to go with it. Just plain old worthless dumb crap.  Not a mistake I'll ever make again.

Call the police.  Get the lot number.  Call the lot.  I can get the car anytime but since it's after 5, it'll be an extra fifty bucks for "afterhours".  I'll wait.

Get a ride over there this morning and when I go to hand over the insurance info the guy says it's expired.  UGH.  I ask if I can put someone on the phone for him to talk to.

"We need something to photocopy"


So I call the insurance company and for some reason that exists just to make my day worse, they tell me it'll take at least 2 hours to fax it over.  Seriously!?

Now I'm back at work with no car.  Not really sure if I'll make it over there again before 5 and that's assuming my rock star insurance company actually pulls through with faxing the updated card.  Just to be safe I tried to login to my account and print a new card.  OK...I can't seem to do that, so I select the option to email documents and get this message:

Thank you for requesting documents.  We will email you confirmation of your request within one day and then your updated printed documents will be sent via mail.
Fuck my life.

(Oh and as a bonus my writing journal filled with notes, etc...is now missing)

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Eve said...

Nooooo! That sucks! I'm sorry :(