To Do that don't Get Done



Stuck in that place where I have too many different things that I COULD be working on so I end up not putting any real focus on any.  Why am I trying to work my way through an After Effects book again?  Oh, that's right, so I can be distracted from working on completing a new script. I make my to do list but it's filled with so much 'to do' that I find myself never really getting deep enough into the things that matter most. 

Yes, complete the script.  Seems pretty obvious. 

But then I get a piece of new creative from a friend volunteering to help on DJ GIRL (yes, it's NOT dead!) and my head goes back to that.

And THEN it will be back to the new script.

At least until I get a short term freelance gig.  Obviously that has to take priority.

THEN it will be back to the new script.

But if I just learned after effects and final cut fully I wouldn't need help and I could get DJ GIRL completely done and out in the world and then fully focus on the new script.

That sounds like a plan!

But I don't really have very much talent for editing (and I REALLY don't know what I'm doing for motion graphics) so the time spent there is probably in vain because nothing good will come of it.  And I constantly remind myself of this when I get distracted from the new script.  Getting by in the software is one thing--but it's not really my skill set, right!


I complain too much.  If I didn't complain so much I'd have 10 new scripts in the last two years. 

So less complaining.  Single task goals.  Only new writing.

Sounds good.   ANNNNNND go team!  I can't wait to get my head back into the project that needs it after work tonight!

Except I just got a freelance revision request, so the script will need to wait.  Seriously I did.  Minutes ago.


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