The unfortunate jobercoaster

OK...here are my original words from August 14th that I held back at the time...

Ever have one of those days that starts out just OK....transitions to being absolutely fantastic...then quickly goes to hell? That was yesterday for me. As part of my never ending search to find a decent job I've been going through the whole routine over a potentially decent gig the last couple weeks. This one involved a creative team so I brought an art director I know along for the ride.

It begins with the craigslist post. I'll send an email despite the fact that these things rarely work out.

A week later the call comes. They want us to come in for an interview. Unexpected. But before we schedule...what salary are you looking for? I answer. Now don't forget this part, readers... "Oh good, that's in our range. I just wanted to make sure."

So the interview is scheduled and my artistic friend and I get to creating a presentation. After many hours of beer-assisted preparation we're ready.

On interview day we meet and take the elevator up--unsure of what to expect.

It goes perfectly. We kill it. KILL it. The executive creative director can't say enough how interested he is. Let's us know they'll need a week or so to sort things out on their end.

Nice! And since they ALREADY SAID WE WERE ON THE SAME PAGE FOR SALARY this thing seemed to be in the bag. Obviously they wouldn't have bothered to bring us in at all if we weren't on the same page for salary. Obviously.

The next week we get a call from the recruiter to still sit tight. A few more things to sort out. But they like us...they really like us.

Nice again! Then yesterday a voice mail is left that there's great news. Give us a call. Excitement builds. Thoughts of giving notice fly through the head.

I call and the job is officially offered. Nice a third time! And then... informed that the salary is less than what either of us currently earn. Which is significantly less than what we discussed before the interview. Huh? Silence. "Hello?" "Yes, I'm still here. Wow that's a lot...lower than we expected." "Well it is a recession." riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. then why did you say we were on the same page!?

So I headed home in a terrible, terrible mood. As it was day two of mommapalooza, the mother was waiting when I arrived. Fortunately she was understanding of my bitter mood and I calmed down after three beers and a round of Wii resort bowling.

But, seriously!? What the eff?

And now the new exciting conclusion I'm adding today...

I decided not to post my explanation of the above traumatic events because we were waiting for a counteroffer from the agency.  Well, that came on Monday.  It wasn't where we wanted to be.  In fact it still wasn't even close.  But it was at least slightly more than our current takes so at least there was that.

So I talked to my art director buddy and after a bit of discussion we decide it's worth it if only because it's something new and not a step backwards. So now my roller coaster car is going back up peaking at the second tip of the second hill...

The shall-remain-nameless art director proceeds to inform his current employer that he's going to leave. At this news they scatter for a few hours and return with a very significant bump in salary.  Let's just say there was absolutely no chance the new agency will come close to it.

And with that the roller coaster made another nose dive right into the earth.  I'm just glad I waited to give my notice.  I'm not even remotely upset with him.   I know for a fact I would have made the same choice to stay.  Sometimes you don't get the respect you deserve until you have the power to leave.  I don't even have that much going for me.  I think if I gave notice they'd urge me to leave tomorrow.  And if I said I had a better offer, they'd say, "good for you" while making that same "REALLY!?" face that I made when we got lowballed to begin the this whole thing.

And the journey begins again...

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