Why do we always get screwed when it comes to live sports on the west coast.  The latest our post-season baseball starts here is 5PM.

Sure we're known in LA for having more than our share of freelancers, actors, models and trust fund kids who have the free time to head up to a game at 4PM on any given day.--and it remains a goal of mine to get back to that absolutely fabulous freelance lifestyle. But that crowd isn't the base for the Dodgers.  The majority of fans in Chavez Ravine this afternoon will be working class stiffs who had to struggle to get out of work to attend or watch--and this is only game one.

I know...I know.  It's TELEVISION (he says with flair)!  It just seems silly that New York or Philadelphia can't play a single game that airs at 9 or 9:30 locally.  Of course ratings for east coat teams are higher!  No one on the west coast gets home early enough to watch.  And if the world series ends up being Anaheim vs. Dodgers in a freeway matchup that's most appealing to those who live in the west.....we STILL play ALL the games at 5PM.   God forbid a Dodgers fan in New York needs to stay up late.

But ranting aside....

Thanks to some kindness from a certain friend--I'll be one of those stiffs leaving early to attend the game tonight!   GO BLUE!

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