Me and my T-Rex arms

I hadn't heard the term before.

But it's true.

I woke up this morning with Tyrannosaurus arms.  Or as the cool kids say, "T-Rex Arms".

How I came to have these mutant useless stubs on each side of my body is far less intriguing than the label may imply.

It began with everything in my life...procrastination.

You see, I've been putting off the inevitable need to get myself into a strength training routine for months now. I don't really know why. It's not like I wasn't going to the gym for cardio or otherwise working out.

I guess I perceive hitting the weights as requiring more planning and more time than a quick 30-40 minutes on a tread mill or elliptical . But you never really lose weight in a healthy way without building some muscle to increase metabolism so the endless claims of "I'll start tomorrow" had to end. And with that it was time to bring strength back into my workout. And yesterday morning was the day.

BUT--I've had the same thing happen almost every time I've started a new workout--I push it too hard and I'm sore for a week.  So I was extra cautious.  I stretched extensively before and after. I didn't try to get that extra rep or pounds in. I did everything I could think to do to ease back.

It wasn't enough.

I opened my eyes this morning and OWWWWWWW! What is this?  My two useless arms are locked into stiff right angles. Again...OWWWWW!  Not a great way to start the day. As the hours pass, I keep stretching and massaging but it's not getting much better.  There's a very slight bit more motion in my right arm now. Can't come within a foot of touching my nose with the left though.  But it all hurts like hell.  Now I remember why I kept putting this off.

I better never have these damn T-Rex arms again.  Stiff arms are not conducive to the writer work flow.  This just means I need to keep up the weight training routine!  FOREVER!   (I remember telling myself this last time it happened.  To be fair I think I kept it up for a few months though.  Not bad.)

Although if my right arm continues to improve faster than my left, I may have to say I have John Silber arms tomorrow.  (give yourself a cookie if you got the reference without clicking.)

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