STORMWATCH 2010!!!: an epilogue

Got up this morning and dressed up for an early gym workout.  As I walked across the street under cover of darkness to the local 24-Hour Fitness a light rain was falling from the sky--it would have been unremarkable most other places on Earth.  It felt nice and refreshing in the crisp morning air.

I climbed up on a stairmaster to start my cardio. In the mood for morning news, I plugged into the audio jack and looked up at the televisions.  You would think the apocalypse had begun last night from the coverage. 

They had reporters in the notorious "burn areas"...yet no mud slides and no destruction.

"It could still happen so homeowners are being vigilant!"     Suuuure it could

They had reporters in low lying areas that often flood in bad storms...yet no floods today.

"I think we lucked out this time," the reporter said only to have the anchor add with concern, "We may not be so lucky next time."  Lame.

But in one area all the predictions come true.  They always come true.  Every.  Single.  Time.


Between midnight and 6AM this morning there had been a total of nearly 200 accidents on the local freeways.  That's up from a whopping 16 the same period last week.  Ridiculous!  They cut to a traffic screen and the highway grid was painted red with a couple dashes of yellow.  There was certainly no green.  What is wrong with people? 

I drove my daily 0.9 miles (jealous?) to work and sat in traffic the entire way.  When I tried to hop on a side street that was backed up too.  What the drizzly eff?   No I'm not complaining that my short drive took an extra five minutes!  It's just so absurd that even down by the beach, traffic was completely gridlocked this morning.

I like the rain. I like the change. I like the hint of seasons. 

Unfortunately the hype/traffic/hysteria is unavoidable.

And yes, I know ranting about it doesn't help. 

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