We DO have seasons in Los Angeles

Last night the temperature hit about 50 degrees at the beach.  Yeah that might not be all that chilly to most people but it's downright cold for LA at this time of year.

The weekend had been gorgeous. Rode my bike at the beach on Saturday and Sunday was spent inside watching football and movies with friends in Hollywood. 

It wasn't until I was almost home Sunday night that the changing weather made itself known.  As I stood outside filling up the gas in Liz's G35, a brisk evening breeze gave me goosebumps for the first time since Spring.

Back at the house I could hear the wind blowing the blinds back and forth before I opened the door.  I closed the windows (again for the first time in over three months) and pulled out the comforter to put on the bed.  I thought about turning on the heat for maaaaaybe 5 seconds then thought better of it.

After a busy weekend I got warm under a blanket and caught up on Dexter and Mad Men.  Then I crawled into the cool bed and fell asleep as ocean wind whistled through the tree branches outside the bedroom window.

Today the temps will hit the low sixties but the air will be clean and clear. It won't be long before the distant mountain peaks will be covered in snow--visible only during the months when the shifting seasonable breezes push out the summer smog. We'll undoubtedly have a few more hot streaks before December, but they'll become distant memories of August as we move closer and closer to the holidays.  I adore a SoCal summer at the beach, but there's something to be said for fall and the subtle change in season that even a hardened Eastcoster can appreciate.

It's a time for long-sleaved shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts.  It's a time for thin scarves and fashionable boots.  It's a time before the rains of winter begin to take the sun away. 

It's autumn in southern California.  And it's perfect.

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