Yo no quiero Taco Bell, pero de todos modos me lo como

There are seven restaurants within very short walking distance of the office.  If I want to take a short lunch as I did today, my options are even more limited.

Option 1:  Big Wok Mongolian BBQ.
Nah, kinda gross and takes forever. I've seen people sneeze then grab things out of the buffet with bare hands.

Option 2: Farm House
Fantastic tri-tip sandwich and bbq but kind of pricey for every day. Needed to save some cash.

Option 3:  Rinaldi's Deli
Very tasty massive sandwiches.  Already went there twice this week.  Big sandwiches = big calories and I'm trying to lose pounds!

Option 4: Panda Express
By the time I take a lunch the food has been sitting under the warmers for about three hours. ...and it's terrible.

Option 5: El Tarasco
Local mexican mini-chain that's quite tasty.  Takes more time than I had today.

Option 6:  ???? Mexican
I've walked by this very old Mexican sit-down restaurant that's connected to a roach motel many times.  This is not charming old--it's dirty, grim, how-is-it-open old.  I don't even know the name.

Option 7:  Taco Bell  (yes, nearly half the options are Mexican)
Yup, it's gross.  But it's cheap and I didn't want a deli sandwich.  As gross as it is I can order something that does less calorie damage than anything at El Tarasco.  So that's where I went today.

2.5 hours later and I am regretting the taco supreme and blackjack taco (a taco supreme in a black shell with blackjack instead of cheddar cheese).  I could go on a rant about the need to invent weird variations on the taco every other month--do we really need a taco with cheese sandwiched between BOTH soft and hard shells?-- but my stomach hurts too much....

What the hell was I thinking, again?  I should have driven somewhere.  What ever I saved in calories I gained in meat bacteria.


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