Yins and Yangs of the Creative Mind

We've been busy.  Really busy.

Since I've last written...

Saw The Sounds--great show and far better at the Wiltern than the Key Club last summer... although that could entirely be because we had a place to stand. I don't really know why I enjoy this Swedish new wave  band so much. I guess it's the "catchy" part.

Attended a friend's 40th birthday party. My friends are getting old!

Attended a different friend's 30th birthday party the next night.  Even my younger friends are getting old!

As a fantastic gift for MY birthday from Darrin--saw U2 at the Rose Bowl. Unfortunate events kept him from getting in though...UGH.  See the whole show here 

Celebrated the birthday very low key style by locally having dinner and drinks with just Liz. When you have friends turning 40 and 30 the same weekend you turn 33, you cede the parties...  NEXT YEAR will be a BLOW OUT!

Waffled an entire week about what to do for Halloween.  At the end we had options ranging from a house party in Tarzana to a club event to a party bus traveling the West Side.  But we couldn't settle on an idea and because of that never sorted a costume.  Ended up keeping things easy and went to an outdoor screening of Halloween in a cemetery.  We were home just after midnight.  We've been doing something big every other year so I guess that means next year is going to be--as the kids say--"off the hook."

But despite all of that...it's not why I've been neglecting the blog.

I've been writing. A LOT.  The last two weeks have been quite productive. It seems productivity in one area has been at the expense of another. As goes the yins and yangs of a creative mind. And the weird catalyst for it all was a suggestion from a co-worker who also moonlights on her own creative projects to work out of the house at coffee shops and the like.

A few years ago when I was unemployed, I hit the shops all the time for the change in scenery. And it DID help. But since then I figure after slogging all day at the office, why go out again?  Problem is at home there are endless distractions, and even though we have an office space, I'm not surrounded by others pounding away on keyboards productively.  So I heeded by co-worker/writer/friend's advice and found a late night coffee shop. Next thing I know, the words are just flowing...I'm working out story problems...I'm fleshing out my character arcs.  AND...I'm ignoring THIS outlet.

I like this outlet--so here I am. I think I can work this yin-yang thing out. But I had general lack of inspiration and writer's block for the entire summer, so if this doesn't work and I can't do it all, you'll understand why I disappear.

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